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Digital signage podcast: What’s the future of retail display technology?

In a Digital Signage Today podcast, Kevin Damask, the editor of Digital Signage Today, spoke with Bob Gatta, CEO of Data Display, about the future of the retail industry as it continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic. Gatta also presents a few case studies of how to display manufacturers have used Data Display’s technology to reduce downtown and/or increased customer engagement and sales.

Gatta addressed several questions, including:

  • What part does data and analytics play in display design and technology?
  • How did the pandemic influence retail display design and technology?
  • What are the “hot” technologies currently hitting the retail display market?
  • What should some of the large retailers and brands look for in display technology for their upcoming display planning and design?
  • How does the technology from Data Display stand out from other display technology on the market?
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