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The 19th century brought the era of electric Signs. The first gas illuminated sign was made in 1840 in Chicago, Illinois for P. T. Barnum Museum. The Sign was able to work 5 hours straight. After this kind of illuminated signs spread across America and Europe. They were used as retail store signs, bank...


The first Sign illuminated with incandescent bulbs was made in 1881. It read, “EDISON”. In 1882 it was displayed at International Electrical Exposition. Later, the Americans created the night display which gave a start to the era of electric signs in America. The use of electric signs started to expand when merchants realized...


Neon gas got discovered in the early 1900s by George Claude. By 1910 Claude mastered the Neon tube and got the idea of bending the tubes to create letters. By the 1920s neon tubes were spread among signs in the USA. The main disadvantage of these tubes was that they were limited...


Further in 1934 the signage industry improved when the production of fluorescent illuminated signs started. This new invention allowed sign makers to bend the tubes into any shape and make signs with better colors.


The 40s and 50s were a period of an economic blast and plastic was very easy to find. This is when the manufacturers improved the process of producing quality plastics. People started to use plastic more often as it was cheap and required very little maintenance. Besides, plastic could be used with neon...


Now, more than 95% of outdoor signage is made of plastics, but the technology has vastly improved over the last two decades. New modern printing technology allows designers to create cutting-edge designs, employing fresh, powerful colors on any type of medium. Many signs are made of composite materials (reinforced plastics, fiber-polymers), modern...


Signs have always been the fundament of the company. It creates your brand identity and makes you stand out from the crowd. Among so many types of advertisements, the outdoor advertisement has proven for so many years that it’s the most effective one. Today the signage industry has developed to a new level...